• Jeffmin

THAC0 | Learn to Hit

Anyone that has been exposed to AD&D has encountered the dreaded THAC0, and of course that is an acronym for "To Hit Armor Class 0".

  • Roll to Attack:

  • THAC0 (Base THAC0, Bonuses, and Penalties) - D20 Roll = AC Hit

  • Base THAC0 scores are located in PHB & DMG

  • Bonuses reduce THAC0 (lower THAC0 is better)

  • Penalties increase THAC0 (higher THAC0 is worse)

  • Calculate D20 Roll Needed To Hit:

  • THAC0 - AC = D20 Roll Needed to Hit

By knowing the above two methods for calculating THAC0 you can quickly determine what armor class you hit, and what you will need to roll to hit an enemy with a known AC.

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