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Getting Started As A Dungeon Master (DM)

The fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D 5e) is a fantastic game that is available to be played for free without the purchase of any books, dice, or additional materials thanks to the many officially supported resources that are available on the internet.

If you are interested in trying Dungeons & Dragons but are not sure where to start then let us make a handful of suggestions that are sure to help point you in the right direction.


Official Rules & Documentation:


The first links to check out will be links to both a downloadable PDF version of the basic rules that will be needed to begin planning an adventure as a Dungeon Master or joining in on your first session as a PC (Player Character).


Learn to Run the Game:


Preparing to run your first game of D&D can be a bit stressful, but luckily there are hundreds of amazing content creators (ourselves included) that have taken the time to help make the process of learning to run D&D fun and rewarding.

Below is a small sampling from some our our favorite content creators that is sure to help you on your way to leveling up your next session.


Inspirational Music:


When taking the time to read through rules or plan your next gaming session it is important to immerse yourself in the setting by listening to music that sparks your imagination and fits the tone of the story you and your players will be telling together.

Luckily there are hundreds (if not thousands) of amazing playlists available to fit a variety of settings, scenarios, and environments.


Go Forth and Conquer:


The best way to become the Dungeon Master you want to be is to gain experience, and luckily for you there is a shortage of players that are brave enough to brave into the unknown.

The journey will be long and some sessions will be harder to plan or run then others, but with the right attitude there will be no obstacle too big for you to overcome and conquer because believe it or not you already have everything you need to succeed.

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